Sunday, March 22, 2015

Free Online Courses in Meditation, Pedagogy, Medicine, Computational English and Economics

Please see these free online courses in Meditation, Pedagogy and Medicine:

1. Free Online Meditation Theology Degree
2. Free Online Pedagogy Education Degree
3. Free Online Medicine Course
4. Free Online Computational English Course
5. Free Online Economics Course

Degree Instructions for Computational English and Economics

After completing Pedagogy and the recommendation Meditation, breason out, i.e. think of the x, y and z dimensions of the the key terms from each of 80 sentences in each breasoning chapter argument (page) for 10 arguments in each course.

Degree Streams

There are Writer, Start Your Own Religion, Academy Teacher and Manager Degree Streams.

The Writer stream contains Computational English and Pedagogy to learn how to write arguments in Computational English, which is also training in philosophy writing.

The Start Your Own Religion stream contains Pedagogy and Computational English, to write meditation texts, Medicine, to protect one's mind, and Meditation, which enables you to teach meditation.  You may write your own versions of Medicine and Meditation for your own meditation religion.

The Academy Teacher stream contains the choice of content subject, e.g. Medicine, Meditation or Computational English, and Pedagogy to teach them.

The Manager stream contains Economics to support a manager in an organisation offering the above courses.